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California Classics - A Classic Style That Stands The Test Of Time

California Classic Sunglasses - A Classic Style That Stands The Test Of Time

When it comes to fashion, you cannot go wrong with the classics. This is especially true when it comes to sunglass styles, whether they are for adults of for kids sunglasses, classics never really go out of style. Sure, they may fade to the background every now and again, but true classics will endure the test of time.

Two of the most popular style of sunglasses are aviators and California Classic sunglasses, and although they have both been popular the last few seasons, I predict that this summer, California Classic style sunglasses will be the number one best seller.

Peaking in popularity during the 80s, wayfarer sunglasses were first manufactured back in the 1950's by sunglasses icon Ray-Ban. Using a new revolutionary plastic molding technology, wayfarers were the first ever sunglasses to be made with plastic frames as opposed to metal wire frames that were typical during that period.


Originally marketed to men in the late 50s, because of their masculine and dangerous look, wayfarers quickly became popular with women by the early 1960s. Their popularity wouldn't last however, and the wayfarer design was almost discontinued during the 70s slump in sales. One last ditch attempt was made in the early 80s to get wayfarers into the hands of the public with a couple of strategic product placements. Thanks largely to the films Risky Business, starring Tom Cruise, and The Blue Brothers, with Dan Aykroyd and John Belushi, wayfarers were once again back on top.

Although during the 90s, the sales of wayfarer sunglasses would once again begin to slump, due largely to the popularity of new designs, like wraparound sunglasses, the beginning of the new millennium would see wayfarers once again rise in popularity. Against all odds, 80s retro fashion was back in style. With the neon colored clothing and the gaudy 80s fashion accessories came the ever-popular sunglass design. Since the early 2000s, wayfarers were back on top as one of the most popular sunglass styles, and have been there ever since.

Today, with many top designers creating their own wayfarer style of sunglasses, you are bound to see wayfarers taking the top spot for most popular sunglasses this season. So whether you opt for pricey designer wayfarer sunglasses, or affordable quality wholesale ones, you can't go wrong with a style that endures the test of time, or at least the test of fashion.