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(12pcs.) Inspired by Ed Hardy - 8158 (12pcs.) Inspired by Ed Hardy - 8157
Our Wholesale Price: 19.00 USD
Our Wholesale Price: 19.00 USD
Clear Lenses California Classics 8158 Clear Lenses California Classics 8157
(12pcs.) Inspired by Ed Hardy-29615 (12pcs.) Inspired by Ed Hardy-22613
Our Wholesale Price: 24.00 USD
Our Wholesale Price: 25.00 USD
Unisex wholesale sunglasses-29615 Great oversized lens style of wholesale womens sunglasses
(12pcs.) Designer Eyewear-DE5047 (12pcs.) Inspired by Ed Hardy - 873
Our Wholesale Price: 25.00 USD
Our Wholesale Price: 25.00 USD
Wholesale Sunglasses California Classics Sunglasses 873
(12pcs.) Designer Eyewear-DE5054 (12pcs.) Inspired by Ed Hardy-852
Our Wholesale Price: 26.00 USD
Our Wholesale Price: 27.00 USD
Wholesale Unisex Sunglasses Unisex Fashion Sunglasses
(12pcs.) Designer Eyewear-DE738 (12pcs.) Inspired by Spy - 8207
Our Wholesale Price: 33.00 USD
Our Wholesale Price: 46.00 USD
DE Men's Aviators Wholesale polarized sunglasses

When it comes to fashion and style one should be looking to fulfill both purposes – decorative and functional. Let’s move to one of the most necessary and important apparel – Sunglasses.  When you are shopping for wholesale sunglasses are you looking for the latest, newest and hottest trend in fashion? Well then you are looking for sunglasses that are designed inspired by the Ed Hardy model. 

Sunglasses keep you happy and healthy. How? You may wonder.  Harsh rays of the sun fatigue the optic nerves resulting in headaches and blurred vision. When you use sunglasses they protect from the intense rays of the sun and you are healthier and happier!

Ed Hardy inspired sunglasses with cutting edge designs incorporate graffiti, vintage tattoo graphics in their plastic frames which are fashionably oversized.   These replica sunglasses are available for wholesale distribution and on retail too.  These celebrity favorite sunglasses are light in weight and resistant to abrasions. The optical quality of these sunglasses is superior and they provide protection from the Ultra violet radiation of the sun. These sunglasses are very popular in large cities. These Ed Hardy replica sunglasses are designed by famous fabric designers to give the cutting edge in fashion apparels.