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(12pcs.) Kids Sample Pack-SPK1. (12pcs.) Sample Pack Includes 12 PAIR ASSORTED ADULTS SUNGLASSES Style-SPA1
Our Wholesale Price: $16.00 USD
Our Wholesale Price: $26.00 USD
Kids Sample pack deal Variety of popular wholesale sunglasses.
(36pcs.) Sample Pack Includes 36 PAIR ASSORTED SUNGLASSES-SPA2 (36pcs.+1 7039 display) Sample Pack Includes One SUNGLASS RACK & 36 PAIR ASSORTED SUNGLASSES-SPA3
Our Wholesale Price: $75.00 USD
Our Wholesale Price: $130.00 USD
Assorted wholesale sunglasses sample pack. 36 assorted wholesale sunglasses and display rack.
(60pcs.) Package Deal 5 DOZEN RHINESTONE STYLE-SPA44 (300pcs.) Package Deal-SPA6
Our Wholesale Price: $175.00 USD
Our Wholesale Price: $585.00 USD
After Discount $526.50
5 different dozens of wholesale rhinestone sunglasses. 25 dozen package wholesale deal
(600pcs.) Package Deal-SPA8 (900pcs.) Package Deal-SPA9
Our Wholesale Price: $1,175.00 USD
After Discount $998.75
Our Wholesale Price: $1,750.00 USD
After Discount $1487.50
50 Dozen Wholesale Package deal 75 Dozen WHolesale Package Deal
(1200pcs.) Package Deal-SPA10
Our Wholesale Price: $2,375.00 USD
After Discount $1900.00
Assorted package deal includes both men and womens wholesale styles.

Attractive start-up packages for sunglass business

Sunglasses have become very popular among teenagers as well as middle-aged persons, really any age. This popularity of sunglasses has made this business very profitable. This is the major reason that why people are shifting their business to sunglasses. These sunglasses can be of various types. If you are new in this business then it is worthy for you to select cheap but quality wholesale sunglasses because it will help you to develop a good reputation in the market as well as among the customers.

You can start your business by opening a discount store because discount stores are more liked by the people as compared to the regular priced stores because these can offer lower prices and it is also profitable for you because you will be able to sale more. Wholesale sunglasses can be branded or can be without any brand. But non-branded shades can be more profitable. Starting a sunglass business can be successful only if you promote it by offering attractive deals to the people. If you will be successful in attracting the customers then of course you will have more customers as compare to the other places.

Starting any new business is always a difficult task but you can make it easy by consulting some experienced people. You can also consult some manufacturing companies to deliver their products to you in credit possibly. Thus you will have an opportunity to enjoy a successful business by following the tips given by any business consultants.

One thing you will not want to forget if you are just starting up is your sunglass displays.  Picking out quality looking sunglass racks is very important for your new business.